Chanlee Dunlap – video

Chanlee Dunlap 3 yr old has a tumbling pass!

Chanlee has her first tumbling pass on her tiny orange team!


Hey Guys, Cambree and Chanlee were just Captured by Cambrie in Little Rock. Be sure to go and check out Cambrie's Court You ...

Chanlee Dunlap - Right here {WATCH IN HD}

song idea : My first video of Chan-chan !! :) hope you guys like it !! she's so cute !

{ CHANLEE DUNLAP FACEBOOK PAGE PROMO } Requested by Juliet :) I you would ...

Cassadee Cambree and Chanlee Dunlap (2)

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( They are the best cheer girls ever.

My baby chanlee learning to tumble!

I walk Into the gym and chanlee says watch me I can do my back handspring.....

Cambree Allen 10yrs Old

Just some clips of her working hard!

Chanlee got her standing tuck

Chanlee 4yr old tumbler.

Cambree Allen the cutest little 3yr old dancer at her 1st Hip Hop Competition!

My little cutie doing her ghostbusters dance for the 1st time!

Cassadee Dunlap 8 yr old Mini All-Star Cheerleading Indv Routine 1st place win!

Here is her preforming her Indv Routine for the CTR Tigers at the Spa City Classic!

A Full Day Of Cheer!

Cassadee Dunlap.

Cassadee Dunlap Tclm sr cheerleader of the year video!!

It's that time again for the cheer leader magazine sr cheerleader of the year, please go vote by liking her picture on their fb or ig....

Cassadee Dunlap Video For Tclm Sr cheerleader of the year! All you gotta do is like her pic

Cassadee needs everyone votes for the Sr cheerleader of the year by going to their fb the cheer leader magazine and Instagram ...

Cassadee Dunlap varsity cheer camp 2016

Shhs varsity at nca cheer camp in Hattisburg, team, top gun tumbler, top gun stunter, and top all American.

Cassadee Dunlap, I heart cheer part 1

Cassadee loves the song I heart cheer by meesh.

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