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Ultimate Chris Hackett Highlights HD "Playmaker"

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Hackett's Bike Generator

Hackett shows you how to build a bike charger for a deep cycle battery so you can power your life during the next natural disaster.

Rebuild: Hackett Builds A Moonshine Distillery

In this episode of Rebuild, a Popular Science original video series, intrepid maker Hackett turns an old beer keg, a cocktail shaker, ...

Stuck With Hackett: Really Freaking Fast Food

Hackett's decided that fast food isn't fast enough. So, with a machine shop at his disposal, he gets to work creating really fast food.

Chris Hackett On How To Make a Knife In a Paint Can Forge

Artist and fabricator Chris Hackett shows you how to make knives using a paint can forge and a blowtorch. Read the full story on ...

Stuck With Hackett: The Suburbs Are for Suckers

Hackett is at an abandoned suburban house in the middle of the desert. Rather than pay an outrageous electric bill, he's going to ...

Rebuild: Chris Hackett's Solar Water Distillery

Popular Science's intrepid DIY columnist constructs a solar still to turn filthy runoff into clean, fresh water. Read more: ...

Chris Hackett USA Science & Engineering Festival

Surviving an Apocalypse or Zombie Invasion.

Rocket Science Is Just Plumbing and Math: Chris Hackett Deconstructs the Maker Movement

Maker Culture pioneer Chris Hackett talks about the "cobbled together, robot monster, physical dead-end technology" at the ...

Steve Hackett - Chris Squire (Bonus Interview) [The Man, The Music]

Documentary about the life and career of Steve Hackett, one of the true pioneers of progressive rock Buy the DVD here: ...

Stuck With Hackett: Dirt Boat

Hackett finds himself in a plane graveyard. But, overpriced peanuts and in-flight movies aren't for him. Since the junkyard is on the ...

(143) Challenge lock: “The Beast” pinned by Chris Hackett

Thanks Chris for this super fun challenge lock “The Beast”. I really enjoyed it my friend!

Rebuild: Harvest Useful Parts From Old Electronics

Chris Hackett issues a manifesto for taking apart old pieces of technology and reusing their electronics in this episode of Rebuild.

Stuck With Hackett: Desert Diner

Chris Hackett uses junk to fabricate quirky inventions for modern life. Abandoned in the desert and determined to stay cool, ...

Brett Rawlings V Chris Hackett - Muay Thai

Brett Rawlings V Chris Hackett - Muay Thai.

Stuck With Hackett: Hospital Of Horror

Hackett ends up in a creepy abandoned hospital with no heat, no working lights, and no other people - he hopes. As the sun starts ...

Chris Hackett on the Issues

PA-10 Republican candidate Chris Hackett on the issues.

Chris Hackett Safety TCU vs Oklahma 2014

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