Kevin Fredericks – video

Kevonstage - I Used To Try To Get Sexy For My Wife | All Def Stand Up

"I don't have to act like I can have sex all night. I can't. I won't" Check out All Def Digital's weekly stand-up comedy show!

Kevin Fredericks Stand Up Comedy

Kevin Fredericks (@KevOnStage) performing at Nate Jackson's Super Funny Comedy show. For booking visit www.

Dad Jokes | You Laugh, You Lose | Big Boy vs. Kevin

Two comedians face off by telling dad jokes to each other. The first one to laugh loses. Winner with the most points wins.

Kevin Fredericks Stand Up Reel

A Sample of Kevin Fredericks (@KevOnStage) stand up material For booking visit or Contact Cheryce at ...

50 random facts about Kevin Allen Fredericks

My middle name is Allen I forgot that. @MrNateJackson 50 facts For Dream ...

Off The Record: KevOnStage Discusses the Tour Life & Parenting _ Special Thanks to Our Guests & Friends: Kevin Fredericks • YouTube: ...

bassinets with kevin fredericks

kevin fredericks webisode of bassinets.

Off The Record: Reminiscing About "No Reason Boners" in School (ft. KevOnStage)

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Callahan's Taint Scrub - Kevin Fredericks

Kevin Fredericks talks about Callahan's Taint Scrub Callahan's Taint Scrub: ...

min kevin fredericks - get in the game

kevin fredericks preaching at greater life.

Kevin Fredericks stand up

Poor kids, you don't know randy, working out.

How I met @MrsKevonStage

For Dream Chaser shirts ...

Becoming "Every Woman" w/ Melissa Fredericks | Ep. 22 | Mommy Needs A Break

Melissa Fredericks, also known as Mrs. KevOnStage, is a mother of 2, a digital creator, makeup lover, marriage champion, and a ...

KevOnStage Live In Vegas

Katt Williams Calls Out KevOnStage

original video:

Ratchet Names Gone Wild 2!!!

Ratchet names 1: For Dream Chaser shirts ...

KevOnStage @ #YouTubeBlack FanFest Washington DC 2018

KevOnStage #YouTubeBlack FanFest is brought to you in partnership with Howard University ...

Guy Scratches BMW So His Dad Would Have to Buy It For Him (ft. KevOnStage) - A young man scratched a brand new BMW at the dealership so his dad would have to ...

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