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Takagi Twins Ikemen Deru Housoku Variety Show

DISCLAIMER: All rights to the film go to the show, I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. Subs are not mine either, they are ...

#06 こんな香港見たことない! 万平&心平が大自然を遊び尽くす!!

「眠らない街」「摩天楼」など、都会のイメージしかない香港にも 大自然が広がるスポットが存在した。 今回、万平&心平コンビが訪れたのは ...

TV HOMME vol.8 (2009-09-17) - Takagi Manpei, Takagi Shinpei

[Translation by dancingstars123] S: I'm holding misonikomi udon (name of noodles) S: This is Nagoya's famous food misonikomi ...

Takagi Manpei talk

I like his hair!

Sayaendou - the Twins

this idea hit me completely at random while i was watching Ouran High School Host Club live action...the english title for this song ...

Haguregumi vs Ninja - Manpei and Shinpei's Epic Fight Scene

A clip from the 2012 movie starring Takagi Manpei and Shinpei. 1:46-1:50 Love Manpei's crazy "I'm gonna kill you" face! Sorry for ...

You and Me-Manpei and Shinpei Takagi

A Valentine's Day tribute in honor of my favorite twins Manpei and Shinpei Takagi ^_^

Takagi Brothers Tribute

[ HD ONLY ] & The name of the show and song in the end of the video. I made it a month ago just in order to release my feelings ...

Manpei takagi as retsu fukami the geki blue juken sentai gekiranger

This song for manpei takagi and all my friends.

Ouran High School Host Club cast interview [Eng Sub]

[From AsianWiki] Haruhi Fujioka (Haruna Kawaguchi) is a female high school student the prestigious Ouran Academy.

Nijimaru Rangers Episode 1 - 疾風 虹丸組

Nijimaru Rangers Episode 1 - 疾風 虹丸組 Can two high school boys become the top fighters of Narashina city to get their hands ...

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