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Ogre of SKINNY PUPPY on new record, new role on TEEN WOLF, animals or people? more

ogre #skinnypuppy #goth ...

A few words with OGRE (SKINNY PUPPY) [Spooky Empire Interview]

NIVEK OGRE (Kevin Ogilvie), frontman of SKINNY PUPPY talks about discovering new music, his recent sound design and film ...

Skinny Puppy Interview 1992

Last Rights Tour interview. The music videos were edited out to avoid copyright violation. Sorry.

Nivek Ogre of Pigface in Dallas, Texas

Recorded live in 1991 at Trees in Deep Ellum.

Skinny Puppy - live Halloween 1986, full show

Skinny Puppy club gig at Dolce Vita, Lausanne, Switzerland on Halloween 1986. Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial music ...

Intervew with Nivek Ogre

I spoke with Ogre about his upcoming projects and why Repo! is such a cult classic.

ohGr - comedown

Written by Mark Walk & Kevin Ogilvie. Produced by Mark Walk. © 2011 Metropolis Records.

Interview with Nivek Ogre

Carl Porter of interviews Nivek Ogre of ohGr about his new album, Devils in my Details and his role in the new film ...

Ministry 120 Minutes X-Ray

Interview with Al Jourgensen, Nivek Ogre & Martin Atkins.

Skinny Puppy Backstage & Press Conference Doomsday Festival 2000 - Crazy Clip TV 039

Press Conference with Skinny Puppy in Dresden 2000 about the first gig after a twelve years break in europe. Also some ...

Nation Is Coming (feat Nivek Ogre) by kETvECTOR

From the album Fig. 23 Available on CD / Vinyl / Digital 2017 Rustblade ...

Ministry - Smothered Hope (Nivek Ogre Vocals)

Sire ‎– 9 21384-0, Warner Bros. Records ‎– 0-21384 – Burning Inside.

Ministry – No Devotion (Nivek Ogre Vocals/Live 1988)

Recorded live at 9:30 Club, Washington DC, December 20th 1988.

Ogre for peta2!

Skinny Puppy's Ogre explains how he turned away from meat and went from baby food to tofu and tells us what he thinks about ...

OhGr Interview Part One of Three - COMA Music Magazine

Interview with Ogre conducted by j. ward for COMA Music Magazine. Recorded December 13th, 2008 at State Theatre in St.

Skinny Puppy - Ljubljana 07/05/1988 #1

Live at Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia 07/05/1988 1. God's Gift (Maggot) 2. Assimilate 3. One Time One Place 4. Addiction 5.

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