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Sean Batty looks at Scotland's beautiful landscapes | Sean's Scotland

STV weather presenter Sean Batty travels around the country exploring some of the most stunning places Scotland has to offer.

Sean Batty's flood report from Lochwinnoch

Torrential rain and high winds are causing flooding and travel disruption throughout the country with a yellow ‘be aware ...

Sean Batty Makes A Wreath! | Sean's Festive Scotland

STV Weather Presenter Sean Batty finds out how to make a festive wreath. What would you rate it out of 10?

STV's Sean Batty on how data is used for weather forecasting

STV's #DataWarrior Sean Batty talks about how different datasets are used to help with weather forecasting.

WOS Wrestling Star Grado disrupts Sean Batty's STV Weather Report

Grado got a bit ahead of himself this week at STV Watch WOS Wrestling Saturday at 5pm on STV. ...

Nae bother Sean batty

Nae bother Sean batty.

Sean’s Weather Workshop - Making a rain gauge and measuring rainfall

I want you to help me observe the weather across Scotland over the next few weeks. Why not make a rain gauge and take rainfall ...

Thawin' Batty: Sean gets to the nitty-gritty!

Thawin' Batty! Our Sean Batty has been out with the Renfrewshire Council gritters to find out how they're gearing up to keep ...

Sean Batty Pish Weather

STV weather man, Sean Batty, either really hates this weather or has a slip of the tongue!

Sean Batty and Jock

Sean Batty and Jock the dog doing agilty at SKC August 2012.

Scottish Xmas Day Weather 2018 Forecast Sean Batty STV

Weather forecast for Scotland Christmas Day 2018.

Shetland Youth Legacy given Young Scot Environment Award by STV's Sean Batty

STV weatherman Sean Batty and the Shetland Youth Legacy Ambassadors talk about their work on green issues which led to the ...

Sean Batty My Hero - Finding Scotland's Real Heroes 2013

Sean Batty's hero is his grandfather. Find out why...

STV weatherman Sean Batty sings

STV weatherman Sean Batty sings a karaoke classic.

Watch as STV's Sean Batty 'loses his head' at Halloween weather

Glasgow's weather is always a frightening prospect. We can get rain, snow and sunshine all within the space of an hour - it's the ...

Sean Batty 2

Report 4/4/08.

Indestructible Sean Batty vs Corey Toth



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