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The Seven Questions of Core Game Design | Tadhg Kelly

Delivered at Casual Connect USA 2015. Even in the age of analytics there is no substitute for great game design. The problem?

Tadhg Kelly - The Driving Seat of a Different World View

Visit http://www.criticalpathproject.com to search through interviews with over 100 of the videogame industry's most influential ...

EMERGING TRENDS: Welcome to the Microconsole Generation | Tadhg KELLY

In this session, Jawfish Games creative director Tadhg Kelly talks about the problems facing a console gaming sector in an age ...

Tadhg Kelly - Early life

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EP13 Gamification Revolution - Tadhg Kelly

Tadhg Kelly, Creative Director at Jawfish Games, discusses the intersection of game design and gamification.

Tadhg Kelly Interview at Gamedev Conference Lviv 2013

TechCrunch contributor Tadhg Kelly speaks about gamedev trends for 2013 in his video interview at Gamedev Lviv Conference ...

Tadhg Kelly passes out

From "Unfabulous."

Tadhg Kelly

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Buzz Seattle: The Current State & Future of PC Games (Tadhg Kelly)

The Current State & Future of PC Games, and How to Design Accordingly by Tadhg Kelly.

Interview with Ouya Creative Director Tadhg Kelly

From GDC Next 2013 in Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to speak with Ouya Creative Director Tadgh Kelly about the Ouya post ...

Bite The Bullet - Tadhg Kelly, Harvey Geraghty

This Is me and Harvey's first original single Bite The Bullet. In this song, I am playing rhythm guitar, bass guitar, saxophone (final ...

Late Night Whispers - Tadhg Kelly, Harvey Geraghty

This original is called Late Night Whispers and was written by me (Tadhg). Harvey, once again is on drums and lead guitar.

Sionnach - Digital Forest | Full Album

Free Music | Full-On, Forest, Twilight | Released by Galactic Groove Records | Bandcamp Support ...

Moon Tune - Tadhg Kelly, Harvey Geraghty

This spacey tune has Harvey on drums and lead as well as doing an incredible job mixing. I play rhythm guitar, bass and do the ...

Spirit of the Psyche - Tadhg Kelly, Harvey Geraghty

This original is by both me and Harvey. Harvey is on drums, lead and is the mixer. I am on rhythm guitar, bass guitar and vocals.

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