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Tea Leoni returns to TV in "Madam Secretary"

Tea Leoni stars in the new CBS drama "Madam Secretary," where she plays a former CIA analyst who is appointed as secretary of ...

Téa Leoni Explains How Teenagers Are Like Vladimir Putin

"Madam Secretary" star Téa Leoni says, once you've raised teenagers, the idea of negotiating with Putin seems like a breeze.

"Madam Secretary" star Tea Leoni on hit series, women on TV

The CBS political drama is Sunday's most-watched series on television, averaging more than 14 million viewers. Téa Leoni, who ...

Conversations with Téa Leoni of MADAM SECRETARY

Q&A with Téa Leoni of MADAM SECRETARY. Moderated by Mark Peikert, Editor-in-Chief, Backstage. SYNOPSIS Madam ...

Tim Daly Talks "Madam Secretary," Dating Co-Star Tea Leoni and Family

Daly appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" to talk about his role in the primetime drama series.

Téa Leoni, Tim Daly, Morgan Freeman, Barbara Hall, Lori McCreary | Clip | TimesTalks

Téa Leoni and Tim Daly, stars of the hit CBS television drama “Madam Secretary,” join the series creator and executive producer ...

Tea Leoni On What It Takes To Play 'Madam Secretary'

The shark filled political waters of Washington DC can be difficult to navigate, even for a career politician. So, when a college ...

Conan O'Brien 'Tea Leoni 12/16/04

Late Night with Conan O'Brien -- thanks for Conan Obsessed for sharing.

White House Powerhouse: Tea Leoni Shines in 'Madam Secretary'

Leoni talks to Peter Travers about her role as secretary of state in the hit political drama.

Téa Leoni & Sara DeRosa: Stars & Stand-Ins | THR

Actress Téa Leoni and stand-in Sara DeRosa join The Hollywood Reporter to talk about their history working together, their ...


Tea Leoni and Tim Daly, two of the stars of the new CBS drama "Madam Secretary" gave us a preview of the show.

Tea Leoni - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Tea Leoni accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from her "Madam Secretary" co-star Erich Bergen!

Tea Leoni: 2013 WNBA Inspiration Award Winner

At the WNBA Inspiring Women Luncheon, WNBA President Laurel Richie presents Tea Leoni with the 2013 WNBA Inspiration ...

'Madam Secretary' Review: A Solid Start for Téa Leoni's Political Drama

Every TV fan knows that Fall is the most overwhelming season of the year. Why? One very simple reason: Too many shows and ...

UNICEF USA: UNICEF Ambassador Téa Leoni - Announces The Eliminate Project

UNICEF Ambassador and actor Téa Leoni announces the partnership of Kiwanis International and UNICEF in The Eliminate ...

Finding Your Roots 11-21-17 Tea Leoni and Gaby Hoffmann to learn the identities and life stories

DNA detective work allow actresses Tea Leoni and Gaby Hoffmann to learn the identities and life stories of their biological ...

Video: Tea Leoni on 'Manure'

Tea Leoni talks to the Los Angeles Times about her new Polish brothers film "Manure" while at Sundance.

Sundance Shakedown with Tea Leoni

The star of Manure takes our five nosy questions.

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